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We met during the notorious pandemic. A time where the very notion of a normal life became foreign and a distant memory. We happened to live in neighbouring areas of London. The first time we saw each other , a courtship ensued. Unbeknownst to either of us , this very casual meet up became something serious . After only a month  , we both rolled the dice and went on holiday together. We both believed this was a clear indicator to test the strength of a couples relationship. After six months , we were struggling with opportunities to see each other due to the oppressive rules of the pandemic  . We decided to take another risk - move in together, lucky for us this paid off enormously!. In December 2021 , Ed asked the hardest question he ever had to ask and Mafalda replied with 'of course' (or SIIIIMMM) . We are both very proud of our heritage and backgrounds . We decided to create a marital event that brings the very best from both of our countries and cultures 

New Update

Hello Dear Guests and greetings from Campo Maior where we so much looking forward to your arrival.

As promised here are final details for your information.

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Please note the journey time either way is around 2 and a half to 3 hours.

FRIDAY 26th.

For those taking the earlier coach (10.45/11.00 am) as you emerge from Customs into the main foyer you will be at the centre of a ramp - take the RIGHT hand side and exit the doors straight ahead of you as this will bring you to the appropriate end of the building. Keep right and walk straight ahead and you will come to a large parking area with short stay cars and buses.

Please see photos below.

Your bus will have    RSI-Viagens e turismo Tarsibus transporte de passageiros written on the side. 

It will drop two of you off in Campo Maior and then continue to Quinta dos Pavões.


For those of you travelling to the airport from various locations in Lisbon, please be dropped off at the airport and please refer to the photos above.

As you face the terminal, the short stay car and bus park will be to the left.

Again the bus company I.D. will be RSI - Rainha Santa Isabel Viagens e Turismo TARSIBUS.

Alison Jeffreys will be acting as steward to check everyone on the list before departure. In case of any hold up her mobile is: 07836 263247


The coach cannot turn down the narrow streets in CM so will terminate at a central point in the square which is a short walking distance from everyone’s accommodation.


This will also act as a pick up point fro the reverse journeys on Sunday and Monday.

Departure on Sunday is aimed at 1.00pm, initially from Quinta dos Pavões and then from the above point in town.

Again there will be a check list.

It would be appreciated if you could ensure being on time as some people have flights to catch that day.

Departure On Monday at 6.30 am will be initially from Quinta dos Pavões and then the same central point in town. Timing will again be critical for those with lunchtime flights to catch.



The venue for this has changed.


Igreja da Matriz

(walking distance from everywhere except Quinta dos Pavões!)

Please arrive any time from 8.00pm to 8.30pm but no later! 


Helpful numbers:

Wedding co-ordinator in Campo Maior is Rute Silva on 00351 967078463

Please ring her if you have any difficulties or require local information - or for any other reason!

Or you could try Patricia on 07939 231167.



We’re afraid this is not looking too promising at present with rain 60% likely on Saturday though the daytime temperature will not be below 21 degrees.

Please be prepared for this although we will hope things may have shifted as the week progresses. We’re trying to organise things accordingly and hoping for the best.


Wishing you all safe journeys and happy landings,

Mafalda and Edward.


Dear Guests,

We so look forward to seeing you all in less than two weeks’ time!

Here are important detail updates:



For all guests either arriving in Lisbon on Friday 26th or already staying in Lisbon, there will be two 30 seat coaches at the airport that day (exact location to be given in a later bulletin) to transfer you to Campo Maior.

The first will leave at 11.00 am.

The second will leave around 12.30/1.00 pm.

Please indicate your preferred time. In both cases there should be a time tolerance. If everyone is on board the departure can be earlier - or later if any delays, bearing in mind the journey is around 2 and 1/2 hours. We need a confirmed list for each coach, but there is plenty of room on both.

The drop offs will be in central Campo Maior (as the streets can be too narrow for coaches) but within easy walking distance to everyone’s accommodation addresses,

and then to the wedding venue which is 10 minutes further on for those staying there.

If anyone needs to add a location please let us know in advance.


On the 27th there will be a range of taxis and private cars to ferry people staying out of town to the church. Those in Campo Maior will be able to walk there.

After the ceremony again there will be a range of transport to take people to the venue.

And back to your accommodation at the end of the day.


 On Sunday 28th one coach will leave around 1.00 pm for the return journey to Lisbon airport.

This will initially collect those staying at the wedding venue, and then pick up everyone else from the same location in Campo Maior.

All the flights of which we have notification that day are in the evening so the anticipated airport drop off should be around 4 pm latest.

If anyone has reason to be at the airport earlier then again please inform us.


On Monday 29th there will be another coach departing from the wedding venue at 6.30 am. for those on lunchtime flights or who have decided to stay the extra night.



You are all invited to a very informal and relaxed supper at local restaurant Azeitona at around 7.30pm. You will be able to walk there if in town.

Exact address to be supplied in the last week.

If you have not already done so, please confirm your attendance at this as soon as possible, as numbers have to be submitted.




People have been asking for guidance:

The local temperature is unusually difficult to predict as it can go to extremes either way, but presently the forecast is showing a variation of between 26 degrees and 10 degrees (presumably at night).

For the wedding, only the central participants will wear formal dress. For everyone else normal wedding attire - dressy day/ party/ cocktail/ or evening dress. Long is not anticipated, nor are hats. But do wear if preferred.

 Lightweight suits for men suggested.


It would seem sensible though to have a warm layer as the evening approaches, and possibly lightweight rain cover. The map does show the 27th as being one of only 6 days with rain all month, but also sunshine! 

We will update you in the final week.


Please let us know if you have any further concerns or queries.

Please check the website again before you are due to travel, when there will be additional and updated information, including contact details for the wedding co-ordinator.

To confirm coach preferences, supper attendance or any other doubts you may have please use the bride's email :


All our good wishes,

Edward and Mafalda.


The Bride +44738309887

The Groom +447708707932

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